Sunday, May 23, 2010

what the frinky tinks!?

i was completely cool about breaking out into hives. i was like ok, sensitive ass skin ain't no THANG. but now shit wanna get disrespectful and climb to my face?! "i'm cute for a dark skinned girl". they're about to take that away. now my face looks chubby as if i'm not already overweight enough. just FML. i'm so superficial that i can't even study that well. oh lawd. oh my goodness. superficial me.
Despicable ME. imma def see that this summer.
i'm gonna do a lot this summer. at least that's what i'm saying NOW.
just, my FACE though?! & i can't scratch it because i refuse to be ugly & scarred on the outside. i'm cool with the inside oogliness.i can work on that when i'm 90 & dying. but my face though?! ahhh!

*GLARES at psych book. its a blob. tries not to itch. holds back tears.

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