Sunday, May 23, 2010

le header.

i just realized what photo is in my header.smfh. i was maddd toasted that day. it will be changed soon. i functioned quite well though. because idk how to change it now. *le sigh. this blog WILL be the longer version of my recently deleted twitter & facebook. i'll be back on though. in September. the only people that can contact me are those i like. i was on FB & Twitter as if i ACTUALLY networked with niggas. smh. but yeah. i need to find a photo to replace my current header.
the silly heart bra though Hilly? and the tongue out though? was that supposed to be SEXY? smfh... i'm such a crumbled piece of toast bread when i drink too much and second hand smoke the piffington. smh. i should find something relevant to rant about. tomorrow. or whenever i get back on this.

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