Sunday, May 24, 2009

nina simone.

Nina Simone Pictures, Images and Photos

high priestess of soul. she never wanted her music categorized. she's a legend because she deserves to be, not because a lot of people know her name or story [ie. biggie.. much love though.]

only a person of her calibur during the height of he civil rights movement can say "desegregation is a joke." & get away with it.

nina. rip.

def poetry jam.

some good spoken word footage from def poetry jam poets. i was just watching some today cuz i was bored.. & these tickled my fancy :)

i'm not puerto rican.. but yeah.. :)

more hood than i usually like, but talented none the less.

stones throw.

for dah past 2 years a record label known as stones throw has caught my eye immensely. artists like J Dilla, Quasimoto, Madlib, Madvillain, MF Doom, Penut Butter Wolf just to name a few have won my hearts. i mean, if u neva heard of J Dilla, you must NEVER go out. like seriously. & quasimoto is under appreciated. i know, dah voice machine thingy is annoying, but his lyric skills are DOPE. fuck def jam. true talent WINS.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

my addiction.

i am currently in witdrawal from having acrylic nails. as i am typing this i see my natural nails [which are severly damaged and brittle due to this obsession]& it dsturbs me. not hearing the clicky clicky sound against the keyboard is very new to me. .::sigh::. idk. i think i need therapy for this. because the way im letting it bother me kinda disturbs me lol ..


i USED to be a hip-hop head. i USED to enjoy new stuff came out . i used to know all the lyrics to every new rap song. however, for the past few years i've come to realize that up & coming rappers lyrics made no sense. even underground rappers whos talent i depended on for substance began to dissapoint me. don't get me wrong, my EXTREME love for hip hop still exists. 90's & backpack of course. now, give me indie rock & it would stimulate me more than a soulja boy song ever could.