Thursday, April 30, 2009

my mother's photo-op.

i have not gotten any photo proof of my mother since i was about 6 years old. this picture excited me. & she's not one for hugs either so this picture to me is BEAUTIFUL. none of them knew i was taking the picture. it may be awkward,crappy & simple to you, but it means the world to me. this was taken on 3 26 09. when my brother was on his way to france. he's still there, ugh. he better come back. soon.



so.. today i got my nails done. by a lady with one eye. i was very prepared to get up & not pay due to the shotty work that i expected to be done but it wasn't that bad.. i mean its not exactly how i wanted them but i left it alone. i respect her. even though she is disabled she is doing what she truly loves: nails. i can tell when my nail technician does it cuz they like it or cuz thats just where life landed them. but she really liked it. & i dun think enough people give her a chance. i'm guilty of it.. i ALWAYS pass her by. i guess that was another one of God's lessons of how we can't judge a book by its cover blah.. blahh.. blah..
YEAH. i'd still never let her do my eyebrows though. THAT would be a LEAP of being considerate.

her work.

my hair.

so.. at the beginning of the week i had these curly thingies in my hair.. they weren't bad and they started to grow on me but today, my mom decided she didnt like lookin at them anymore & told me to comb them out.. initially i was going to be defiant, but just to keep the peace i did it.
right now, my bang looks bald. and my hair kinda looks like the late great abolitionist frederick douglass. i am currently miserable.. iDk wat to do.. my hair texture will NOT listen. i've tried. i'm screwed.this is fuckery. i guess i should be thankful that i atleast have hair and that my hair lost from that horrible haircut is growing back :\




sooo.. i finally decided to join that twitter ish. ugh. im now kicking myself. cuz i know its shitty, but i'm POSiTiVE i'm going to get addicted to it.. its ridiculous how shit goes huh? ugh.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

texting, shopping, realization.

ever since i got a texting phone, i have become a part of the texting frnzy. its really bad. i have completely disregarded that i am still IN school, needing to graduate etc. but its not like i go out & find people to text, i'll just randomly recieve them from someone and i'll start a conversation. that won't end for a while. thats my problem.. my thoughts never end. i am officially a shop a holic. if i see something i like regardless if i like it or not, i'll buy it. the other day i bought a pair of gold converses cuz they were DOPE. i did not need them WHATSOEVER because two days prior i bought a yellow pair & i upset myself because i am not usually like this. i have also realized.. i HATE sensitive people. not the amount of sensitivity that make us human but the type of sensitivity that makes people unlikable. like being unable to laugh at themselves or work out a simple issue. i HATEE that ! like,WTF?

over & mothafxckinq out.


i'm the farthest from cool. i like sci-fi, getting good grades & i find joy in the simplest things such as the waves im the ocean coming against the beach. i bump into things and trip over myself. things i talk about never flow and they don't ever make sense. anyways, to much of my excitement, a star trek movie is coming out.. like OMG. i've been watchin that stuff ever since patrick stewart was captain picard. & i LOVE it. i can't wait. it seems like its gunna be pretty good. however, the fact that they're making a dragonball z movie is upsetting. it can never equal the goodness of the cartoon, but oh well :\ in the life of a nerd, a star trek movie release is equal to maybe.. the first time u realize ur no longer nervous about having sex. i would say orgasm, but sometimes those are REALLLY good. if the movie matches up to that sensation, i'll be sure to inform all. also, OBSESSED was THE shittiest movie i have EVER paid for. like, wtf? ugh. i'm lucky i at least got some eye candy..


so everyday, i walk to school, much to my dismay.. however, i've seen some pretty things, sounds sappy i know but yeah.. i've watched the trees go from dead to living, puddles turn from frosty to life sources, birds make love, and gardens gradually bloom. One day, i saw an abundance of dandelions in my backyard. being that my backyard has gone to the shits, theres nothing to see.. also by walking past peoples yards & things i realized how BEAUTiFUL dandelions really are. since i was little i never understood why people called them weeds. i vividly remember my young self arguing with an adult whose face i cant remember but whose name never leaves & that they truly ARE flowers and deserve to live. so one day on google i typed in dandelion. to see their origins to see why they were considered weeds. instead, i found a very beautful poem by perre shelton on youtube. and today i picked some. & i let them know they are appreciated.


Sunday, April 12, 2009


since the hip hop industry has declined i have been getting more into the indie pop rock scene or watever.. im not a hardcore listener but now im obsessed with the band chairlift. the song bruises has been playing OVER & OVER in my head for days. weeks i think.