Sunday, May 23, 2010

photo. afro

my afro has gotten quite large. i want to take photos with her. her name is Chaka. last name Zulu. she never listens to me. she's that resistant diva that her name suggests. i want a dope ass camera a yellow dress and a pick. make me smile too. i like photos lots. despite how fat i have gotten. photos are always nice. my smiles are always awkward & i always love the camera more than it loves me.but OH WELL. an afropicked photoshoot, WILL work.
i also want someone to tickle my feet for some random reason.
i want to laugh from the bottom of my guts.
dislocate my gall bladder and shit.
i want that photo to be taken in black and white.
make the moment pure. if i wanted it PURE pure, i'd make it all white.
sprinkle some yayo on it. [that's what they call coke right?]
but i want my face to be it'd have to be a segregated type photo.
i like how i look like pure oil in black and whites.
where's my brother & his dope ass Nikon & shit.
lucky bastard. nice ass camera in the face type niggaroach.
where is anyone in this world with a nice ass camera?

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