Saturday, May 15, 2010

random rant about men. which are many.

falling in love has never been my thing. & falling into beds is getting a bit boring. penises get less and less fun to ride after you realize all they are is a bunch of weird ass erectile tissue that niggas piss from. i think i'll just TRY to cut dudes off. i really don't understand why its hard. i don't even LIKE men. no, i am not gay, but being straight has never benefitted my heart much either. i think i'll read "Ain't Gonna Be the Same Fool Twice" again. when i realized everyone was just human, regardless of what they liked. then i read "Roots" when i realized a lot of people don't even give a fuck about that, regardless of history. AND 'That Time' has been in my head FOREVER. so cheap & JUICY! smh. oh well.


  1. i say the same about chicks
    im tired
    fuck em
    but you can eb my friend thats where i stand

  2. word.
    friends are all i need right now.
    a relationship is just a word with mad letters. shit hurts mi eyes.
    AHHHH! :-\